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Chiru is the role model for the society

Mega Power Star Ramcharan Teja's ORANGE is releasing in another one day time. Chiranjeevi is having lot of social responsibility and he even not renewed his thumbs up commercial advertisement due to some controversy by the activists. Recently Ram Charan completed ORANGE shooting. As Ram Charan portrays a careless and happy go youth role in ORANGE and Cherry's character used to smoke in the movie. Cherry looks dashingly stylish in the smoking scenes and stills in ORANGE movie. But Chiranjeevi cautiously avoided the release of the smoking pictures to the media. He requested the producer Nagababu to avoid the stills and video of Cherry's smoking.

In the above photo graph charan hold a Pepsi can, but in actual he has a cigarette in in between his fingers, but due to the instructions of Megastar the producer decided to replace the cigarette with PEPSI can.  This shows the responsibility and social awareness of the megastar towards the society. Kudos to our megastar          



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