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Harris Jayraj was given free hand says Nagababu

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan Teja’s new movie ORANGE audio is creating a sensation and has become instant an chartbuster. Producer Nagababu is very happy and gave an exclusive interview to site. The video clippings of the interview will be uploaded shortly. Nagababu said that the producer, the director and the hero had all been involved in the music sittings and the finalization of the tunes. However for one song, there had been some disagreement as the tune given by Harris Jairaj did not impress the producer Nagababu. So Nagababu requested Harris to come up with another tune. The 2nd tune was also not up to the mark. Even the third was turned down. However, after repeated hearing, the group realized that the first tune itself was good. Harris, noting the apprehensions that Nagababu had, told the group that he would make this song the best song of the album with a revamped structure of rhythm and beat.

The song is “Ola Olaala Ala” – a club song. Nagababu loved the reworked tune and the group collectively okayed the complete album. Nagababu said that they had given complete freedom to Harris and as a result he had come up with fabulous tunes. Nagababu was particularly appreciative of the lyricists for their excellent work. Out of the six songs in the album, four were written by Vanamali


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