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Orange - nagababu says Cherry is a terrific performer

Ram Charan’s ORANGE movie is releasing in another 2 days time. Mega Brother Nagendra Babu arranged a press meet at Anjana Productions office and talked about the movie. He spoke at length and applauded the work done by Cherry. Nagababu said, after ORANGE people of Andhra Pradesh appreciate Ram Charan for his performance.  Nagababu says “fans generally look for mass fights, action sequences and dances will rave about the performance and the story of the movie”. Definitely this movie will stand out as a very good movie and am happy to produce this movie.  Due to the long shoot at Australia (More than 100 days schedule at Australia), the budget is rocketed up and still he said he is comfortable.  Nagababu confirmed initially we had kept Orange as a working title, but many people said orange is a cool title and suggested the same one. Even ace Director Raghavendra Rao also like the ORANGE title and said that it was nice.

Today Cherry is busy in finishing the voice modulation patch work at Sabdalaya theatre and seen busy at Prasad labs. Stay tuned at for more updates about the ORANGE.



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