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Home   > Updates  > News  >  Cherry's ORANGE to be dubbed in Tamil?

                         Cherry's ORANGE to be dubbed in Tamil?

A bunch of K-town superstars like Rajinikanth, Vikram and Suriya have established reasonable markets in Andhra Pradesh and minted a couple of crores for every film. Now it’s time for T-town superstars to return the favor.

Seems like the expansion has become more of a necessity than choice. With spiraling cost of production and no recent hits to shore them up, leading Telugu stars are spreading their wings to neighboring states.

Ram Charan Tej’s “Orange” will be the first big-ticket film to hit K-town this Diwali. As Genelia is popular there, Charan says, “Our combination is a value addition, so we’ll release our dubbed version on a big scale. I’ll be there in Chennai to promote the film,” he says. For director Radha Mohan, doing a Telugu-Tamil bilingual “Gaganam” was challenging as he had to make changes to suit the sensibilities of the respective regions and finish two versions. “The action thriller has its dose of entertainment and it will mark the comeback of Nagarjuna in K-town,” he says.

Last year, Tamil audience patronized dubbed film “Arundhati” and the semi-periodic “Magadheera” had enough potential to grab Tamil eyeballs. “Ideally, it should have been released last year. However, the blockbuster hasn’t lost its charm and is bound to impress the Tamil audience,” says a source in the production house.

Courtesy : Times of India 


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