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AUG 31st 2007, Hyderabad

Excerpts of Pawan Kalyan interview

Is there any projects you have rejected in the recent times. What do you look for in a film?

I declined two offers recently as the my character and the story were not meeting my expectations. I look for a good story that would entertain the audience and be commercially successful. I do not recommend heroines, but would like a good one to be cast opposite me.

Is there any actress who fell in love with you?

Antha scene naku ledu! I don't interact much with them, beyond work. If it so happens in the future, I will let you know though (laughs).

Whats the difference between a good and a bad movie?

A movie is what is a commercial failure as it did not meet the audience's expectations. Nobody would spend crores to make a bad film. But, not all movies that fail are bad. Some don't meet what the audience expect out of it.

So is it true that some movies are good, but the audience had made them flops?

Not at all. The audience is never wrong, its always the filmmaker who doesn't deliver. We make movies to entertain them. What I meant is some movies are commercial failures, which are appreciated only by a few or might not be termed a hit because of the cost is to returns factor.

Tell us why you are so reserved, all the time.

I just do my thing, I don't feel the urge to involve in somebody else's issues. But, I don't ignore anyone.

Tell us about your nephew Ram Charan.

I would definitely place my bets on him. He is very hard working, and doesn't take being Chiranjeevi's son. His behavior and personality will take him to great heights in life.

Tell us something about your fans.

They are some one, whom even I am trying to understand. I used to think, we're making movies for money and career sake. We don't even show them the movies for free, but why do they idolize us so much. Now, I've realized my bond with them was formed from the previous lives itself. We all are born to 'kalammathalli'. If I do have a next life, I would like to be born as Pawan Kalyan again and serve my fans with what they expect from me.

People expect your Geetha Arts films to become another Kushi. Tell us about Trivikram.

The success of the film is not totally in our hands. I always used to wonder if we have technicians who would make the industry proud and cross the boundaries of the state. Trivikram Srinivas is one of them. He is a great learner, wants to know everything what's happening.
More to follow ....



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