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Shankar Dada Zindabad Ė Deviís best yet for Chiru

Munnabhai and Circuit rank among some of the incredibly cool characters of Hindi Cinema. If Munnabhai MBBS was lapped by the audience in a big way, Lage Raho Munnabhai (LRMB), second in the Munnabhai series, won over the hearts of cine goers so much that the concept of ĎGandhigirií became almost an anthem for Indians all over the world. Naturally, Gemini Film Circuit that remade the first movie, bought the remake rights of LRBM for an astronomical price and brought in Prabhu Deva to call the shots with Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Srikanth reprising the roles of Shankar dada and ATM and introducing a model turned heroine Karishma Kothak.

Frankly, Shankardada MBBS was a watered down version of the Hindi original, its box office success notwithstanding.


Save for Mega Star and Sonali to a certain extent, no other characters could create the same magic as the ones in Hindi. So, one hopes Prabhu Deva handles Zindabad in a much better way than how Jayanth handled MBBS.

This is the third time Devi is composing music for a Mega Star film (Shankar dada MBBS and Andarivaadu being the first two). Also, this is the third time Devi is working with director Prabhu Deva (NVNV and Pournami being the other two). Comparisons of how Devi fares the third time aside, donít expect the moon from this album and youíll be thoroughly entertained. Besides, I believe this is Deviís best musical score, till date, for a Chiruís film. Well, there could be talks of better score et al but given the movie and its scope for music, Devi scores it right.

1. Good Morning halfnil
With Shankar Mahadevan as the singer and going by Deviís lyrics (seeminlgy inspired, in parts, by the Hindi counterpart), this is most likely the first song in the movie. Breezy with good tempo. Divya mouths the Good morning Hyderabad part. There is also a remix version sung by Devi with rap by Darshan. This has a faster tempo and an impressive usage of Mandolin by Devi.

Hindi counterpart: Lage Raho Munnabhai

2. Chandamama fullnil
This appropriately modified version of Pal Pal Pal from LRMB is quite a melody. Though the original itself was an inspired version, Devi comes up with a fresh tune and rightly picks Chitra to sing it. Needless to say, Chitraís voice is so enchanting it totally overshadows Venu, the male
singer. Bhaskarabhatlaís words about the girlís eagerness to hear the guyís feelings for her, and the guy fearing the consequences of expressing his feelings just doesnít want time to tick away, are nice.

Hindi counterpart: Pal Pal Pal

3. Jagadekaveerudiki fullnilnil
A conversational styled situational number thatís sung enthusiastically by Mano and is interspersed with some funny one liners by Chiru and Srikanth. It may not appeal that much when just heard but when seen on the screen this is bound to enthrall Chiruís fans Ė especially the mantra like chant Shankar dada zindabad, huu haa huu haa. Chandrabose pens this one.

Hindi counterpart: Samjho ho hi gaya na

4. Bhoogolamantha fullhalfnil
This groovy
song is sung perfectly by Adnan Sami and Gopika Poornima. Adnanís efforts to come up with better pronunciations are appreciable and Devi deserves a pat on his back too for this. Really, we donít have any issues with non Telugu singers holding the mic but our only earnest request for the music directors is to ensure that the singers donít kill the song and the language in particular. Sahiti pens this one interestingly.

Hindi counterpart: None

5. Aakalesthe fullfullfullfullnil
Mamatha and Devi do it again. After Rakhi, Rakhi and 36-24-36, they give us yet another electrifying mass number. Undoubtedly, this is their third hit in a row. Together, Naveen and Mamatha spice up this number with a zesty rendition. One can only imagine how Prabhu Deva would transform this on to the screen with Chiru and Yana Gupta bound to set the screen on fire. Sahitiís lyrics are in perfect sync with the mood of the song. Enjoy this one.

Hindi counterpart: None

6. O Bapu fullfullfullhalfnil
While its Hindi counterpart was composed along the lines of a famous old song, Devi sets this short yet striking number to a fresh tune. Though Sagar and Devi sing this one with fervor, they clearly, come nowhere close to what Sonu Nigam achieved in Hindi. It is Suddala Ashok Tejaís ode to the Father of the nation in this song that deserves applause. His pen offers a paean to Gandhiji.

Hindi counterpart: Bandhe mein tha dum

With situational songs, mass songs and a melody too, Devi more than satisfies Mega Starís fans with this album. Now, itís in the hands of Prabhu Deva to take it from here and make it truly successful. Before I sign off, Shankar dada zindabadÖhuu haaÖhuu haa!

Special thanks to Jeevi of and Author Sundeep reddy

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