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Home   > Updates  > News  > Games by few Silly Fellows to Tarnish image of Chiranjeevi Family

It is ridiculous to say and hear about the cheap tricks played by some cheap/silly people to tarnish the image of Chiranjeevi and his family members in the disguise of a separated marriage of Pawan Kalyan. After nearly eight years of separation what makes Nandini, ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan go to the court for alimony? The lady in question chose a perfect time to claim her pound of flesh and was quite successful to an extent in gathering some audience, and getting some moments of attention. To make matters worse TV9 went berserk running a caption that Pawan Kalyan fans went into hiding - instead of Nandini and her family.

As per news and sources both Pawan and Nandini were in love since Pawan took training from Satyanand (a Vizag based trainer) and they also got married with the consent of both the families. Things did not go smooth and they had to separate and depart their ways. Pawan Kalyan told the same thing in last year India Today Interview that he is married once and are separated. What is she doing when Gemini TV airs an exclusive chit chat with Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai about their happy moments? Why did not she filed a case in the court?.

Get revenge on your ex husband in this way, it is almost worth breaking up in the first place, seems to be Nandiniís attitude. Nandiniís father is a not a fair man and always had money on his deeds and acts. Known to be a cheat, blackmailer, crook he even maintained a friendship with Lakshmi Parvathi when the latter enticed him with an MLA seat. The greedy father-in-law favored his daughterís demand for divorce and asked Chiranjeevi for an immediate settlement of three crores at that time. When the family didnít give in, he took his daughter home. It is rumored that since day one the association didnít work, a close source tells that Nandini never made an effort to mingle with Kalyanís family and was always indifferent.

 As everyone knows that Pawan Kalyan is reserved, moody, and emotional and is most often misunderstood and primarily never cares for money. Nandiniís father seems to know his weakness for sure and has indulged in this mudsling after so many years. It is also rumored that quite a few people who are carrying negative news and are against Megastar family behind this and instigated Nandini father to defame Chiranjeevi family and in particular Pawan Kalyan.


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