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Gossip - Yana Guptha with Chiru in Shankar Dada Zindabad

The box office is gearing up for a thundering roar and publicity. Megastar Chiranjeevi's Shankardada Zindabad is gearing up for release. Shankardada Zindabad is the remake of Lageraho Munnabhai. Lageraho Munnabhai's first version Munnabhai MBBS is also done with Chiranjeevi as Shankardada MBBS. Shankardada MBBS is a good hit. Naturally the hype surrounding Shankardada Zindabad is very high. Prabhudeva who choreographed excellent numbers for Chiranjeevi in the past is directing this film. Srikanth is playing friend to Chiranjeevi. Karishma Kotak is the heroine.

At present, the unit is filming a song in Padmalaya studios. It is a special song on Chiranjeevi and Yana Gupta (Babuji Jara Dheere fame). Yana Gupta appeared in item numbers in films like Manmadhan, Anniyan, Gharshana etc. Noble is choreographing this song.

Audio of the film will release on 4th of July through Aditya Music company. Devisri Prasad composed music. Makers are planning to release the film either on 12th or 19th of July.


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